The Constitution of the Nanonation of Possibilica

Archearchy Symbol

The Constitution of the Nanonation of Possibilica

On this, the 26 day of May in the year 2013 of the Gregorian Calendar it is hereby declared and ascertained that the nanonation of Possibilica already exists in the global ethnosphere of Earth.

The nanonation of Possibilica is an energetic configuration of no less than 3 people committed to the assemblage of distinctions and declarations in this constitution which come from the context of radical responsibility.

Radical responsibility means: What is, is, as it is, here and now in the moment, with no story attached. (Arnaud Desjardins) Just this. (Lee Lozowick) Responsibility is applied consciousness. Irresponsibility is an illusion. There is no such thing as a problem. It is impossible to be a victim. You have a Box. You are not your Box. Low drama is Gremlin food. If you see a job it is your job to do. The universe is built out of archetypal love. (Clinton Callahan)

This clarity ignites unquenchable inspiration.

The purpose of the nanonation of Possibilica is to place the unquenchable inspiration ignited by radical responsibility’s clarity in the service of Gaia (Gaia being the specific field of consciousness of Earth) in the form of a Permanent Autonomous Zone (PAZ) to research, develop, document, and communicate about life in archearchy.

Archearchy is the Earth-loving, sustainable, interdependent, evolving-adult culture currently emerging around the world, standing on the shoulders of matriarchy and patriarchy. Archearchal cultures revolve around authentic adulthood initiatory processes and chaordic High-Level-Fun immediacy festivities.

One becomes a citizen of Possibilica only through participating in ongoing authentic adulthood initiatory processes that relocate your assemblage points into radical responsibility, such as Expand The Box training and Possibility Labs as delivered by:
• Vier Gefühle, <www.vier-gefü>
• Come to Life Trainings <>
• Vier Körper Training <>
• Raum der Möglichkeiten <>
• Liquid Talk <>
• Next Culture Research & Training Center <>
• and so on…

The nanonation of Possibilica is the space through which the three Bright Principles: Love, Adulthood-Initiation, and High-Level-Fun can do their work in the world.

Every citizen of Possibilica is a spaceholder for the gameworld of Possibilica.

Every spaceholder for Possibilica recognizes that the gameworld of Possibilica is just like every other nation-state in the universe, a fiction. Therefore, it has become traditional in Possibilica on the 26 of May of each year to say, “There are only two things in life: bullshit, or nothing,” as a toast and a reminder that the construct of the Possibilican gameworld, just like the construct of every government, religion, corporation, economy, currency, sport, club, secret society, or gameworld, falls in the category of bullshit. This distinction allows the citizens of Possibilica to cherish the spaces of opportunity represented by the vast amounts of nothingness and not-knowing that are abundantly present in their culture, and allows Possibilican teenagers to laugh at modern-culture missionaries trying to seduce them with sunglasses, smart phones, jeans and “a job.”

The currency of Possibilica is mutual respect and creative collaboration. Furthermore, there is no exchange rate between the currency of Possibilica and any other currency. The Buffer Zone Office (BZO) handles external currency exchanges with other gameworlds.

To “keep the space,” (in contrast with modern-culture’s attempts to “keep the peace”) the nanonation of Possibilica is held free of superstitions, which in practice equates to saying, “Yes!” to nothingness, and, “No!” to just about everything else.

Possibilica recognizes that the so-called “rule-of-law” of the so-called “modern civilization” is a failed construct (capitalist patriarchal empire) leading directly to planetary suicide and near-term human extinction, and further, Possibilica recognizes that anyone continuing to abide by modern civilization’s rule-of-law is criminally insane.

Therefore, Possibilica abides by a Bill of Wrongs.

The Bill of Wrongs

The Bill of Wrongs forbids modern civilization’s rule of law, forbids ownership of land by anything other than the nanonation which holds the nanonation commons, forbids ownership of resources, forbids monetizing natural capital, forbids corporate personhood, forbids copyright, forbids patents, forbids hiring employees or working as an employee, forbids hierarchical power structures, forbids public schools, forbids win-lose games, forbids externalizing environmental costs or social costs, forbids profit, forbids financial gambling, forbids renting money (interest), forbids paid lobbyists, forbids paid politicians, forbids absentee ownership (stockholders, landlords, ownership of multiple homes), forbids franchises, forbids toxic wastes and byproducts, forbids weapons of mass destruction, forbids armed or armored vehicles (land, sea, air, or space), forbids any weapon with an effective range over one kilometer, forbids disposables, forbids brands, forbids beliefs, and forbids lawyers.

The Bill of Wrongs does not pretend to abide by natural law, because natural law can be construed to allow parasites, gangsters, vampires, zombies, ghouls, blackmail, corruption, manipulation, revenge, power over, cancers, disease viruses, survival-of-the-fittest concepts, psychopaths, and acts of God. And if you have ever seen hungry frigate birds snatch up and swallow freshly-hatched baby sea turtles scuttling frantically and defenselessly towards the ocean waves, you know that nature can be construed to allow terrorists too.

The citizen population of Possibilica is limited to a maximum of 30 human beings aged 18 years or older plus children. The sum total of temporary guests, collaborators and participants at trainings, performances, shows, exhibitions and festivities is unlimited. Should the citizen population ever approach the maximum, a year will be allotted to train-up a selected team of 3 to 7 citizens to depart at year’s-end as the founders of the next Possibilica style nanonation, established no closer than 10 kilometers distance.

Possibilica functions energetically as a galaxical toroid freely applying any of the 13 standard decision-making processes, but often avoids decision-making altogether by entering the M.E.S.S. process (Midwifing the Emergence of Sophisticated Synergies) which facilitates Dragon Speaking and Discovery Listening using a formal Spaceholder and Documenter. This allows the citizens to reinvent our story about who we are and what we are doing here. By shifting from decision-making to choice-creating (Jim Rough) we get to bask in unexpected tsunamis of love. The MESS process comes to an end when people experience a natural clarity about what they want to go do next and simply go do it.

The flag of Possibilica includes the symbol of archearchy, an infinity sign inside of a circle, where the circle represents the nothingness of the archetypally initiated adult masculine holding space for and creatively collaborating with the archetypally initiated adult feminine,  represented by the infinite sign of everythingness.


Archearchy Flag

The nanonation of Possibilica is a member of The Guild.

This is the whole of the Constitution of the Nanonation of Possibilica. It can only be modified by the Possibilicans.

PS This constitution is copyleft throughout the Earth, which means that its written and graphic content cannot be copyrighted, registered or trademarked. This work is dedicated to feeding the commons. Creative Commons Attribution and Share Alike 4.0 License.

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