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The Constitution of the Nanonation of Possibilica

Archearchy Symbol

The Constitution of the Nanonation of Possibilica

On this, the 26 day of May in the year 2013 of the Gregorian Calendar it is hereby declared and ascertained that the nanonation of Possibilica already exists in the global ethnosphere of Earth.

The nanonation of Possibilica is an energetic configuration of no less than 3 people committed to the assemblage of distinctions and declarations in this constitution which come from the context of radical responsibility.

Radical responsibility means: What is, is, as it is, here and now in the moment, with no story attached. (Arnaud Desjardins) Just this. (Lee Lozowick) Responsibility is applied consciousness. Irresponsibility is an illusion. There is no such thing as a problem. It is impossible to be a victim. You have a Box. You are not your Box. Low drama is Gremlin food. If you see a job it is your job to do. The universe is built out of archetypal love. (Clinton Callahan)

This clarity ignites unquenchable inspiration.

The purpose of the nanonation of Possibilica is to place the unquenchable inspiration ignited by radical responsibility’s clarity in the service of Gaia (Gaia being the specific field of consciousness of Earth) in the form of a Permanent Autonomous Zone (PAZ) to research, develop, document, and communicate about life in archearchy.

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