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100 Million Nanonations

Nanonations begin with creative collaboration
Nanonations begin with creative collaboration

A superstition is an easy-to-understand concept that has no basis in reality. Believing a superstition blocks the perception of more useful possibilities. But superstitions are not called superstitions until they are recognized as superstitions. Before then they are regarded as the truth.

A superstition that participants in modern culture have not yet identified as a superstition is “the nation-state.” This superstition became popular in the 1800s as a win-lose game (“If you get the resources we die, so we will do whatever it takes to get the resources.”). This superstition includes the concept that a nation-state is connected to a piece of land on Earth. Since all the land on Earth has already been claimed by the current 206 nation-states, it is assumed that no new nation-states can emerge on Earth.

But the connection between a nation-state and a plot of land is not a law of nature. It is invented in the imaginations of human beings, pure fiction, a story marketed to you by – you guessed it! – the current set of nation-states.

The concept that land on Earth can be owned by either a person or an organization is also pure fiction, another superstition, easy to understand, but asserted without basis in reality.

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